Smith & Wesson No 2 Army Revolver


Excellent original 32 caliber 6 shot 6in barrel revolver

Year Made: C.1860s-70s
Maker: Smith & Wesson
Model: No 2 Army
Size: 32 Caliber
Grade: Excellent
Manufactured: Springfield, Mass


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Revolver remains in excellent condition. All markings are present and serial number 51xxx. Grips are excellent. This is a super crisp revolver that some finish has flaked over the years. Barrel retains around 90% bright vibrent blue. Left side of frame has around 95% blue and the right side has flaked to around 35%. The underside of the frame and backstrap has around 80% blue. Cylinder has around 40% blue.Hammer has nearly all the case color and the ejector pin around 75% case color. The bore is mint and the actions are perfect. It looks like the cylinder chambers still retain the original blue inside. All markings are present and grips are excellent. A super nice pistol that looks a lot better in person.