Sharps Indian War Carbine Marked to 10th Cavalry


Nice Original 10th Cavalry Marked Buffalo Soldier Carbine

Year Made: C.1867
Maker: Sharps
Model: 1867
Size: 50/70
Grade: VG
Manufactured: US

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Carbine remains in very good as found condition. This carbine started off life as a early M-1863 Percussion sharps that would have seen service in the Civil War. Later turned in and altered to metallic cartridge for the Indian War. Serial number 45xxx. Carbine is marked and issued to, B. Co. 10th Cavalry one of 2 regiments of Buffolo Soldiers formed at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas in 1866. Known as Buffalo soldiers the 9th and 10th cavalry would see countless amounts of engagements throughout the Indian wars. The history of this famed unit can easily be found in books and on the internet. This is only the second example of a 10th Cavalry marked Sharps carbine we have had the pleasures of owning and offering for sale. This is a good honest example that has seen the years of fighting. Actions and bore are fine. Metal is mostly grey throughout with scattered peppering. Stocks are fine. Overall carbine has a nice even appearance and would make a great addition to your collection.