Massachusetts Arms Co. Wesson & Leavitt Dragoon Revolver

Very Fine Original Pre Civil War 40 Caliber 6 Shot Dragoon Revolver

Year Made: C.1850-51
Maker: Mass Arms Co
Model: Dragoon
Size: 40 Caliber
Grade: Very Fine
Manufactured: Chicopee Falls, Mass


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Mass Arms Dragoon Revolver sn 1xx, overall length 15″ barrel 7″ in very fine condition. Only around 800 of these rare revolvers were manufactured C.1850-1851. All markings are present. Bore is excellent, actions are crisp and tight. Metal retains around 50-60% blue with the remainder a nice plumb blue appearance. Hammer has a fair amount of case color and traces on the frame. Wood grips are very fine. A great looking example of a very rare massive dragoon size revolver.