Colt M-1849 Pocket Revolver


Excellent 1854 Manufactured 6 Inch Pocket Revolver

Year Made: 1854
Maker: COLT
Model: 1849
Size: 31 Caliber
Grade: Excellent
Manufactured: New York City


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Colt M-1849 pocket revolver remains in excellent condition. All markings are present and serial numbers match throughout 88xxx. This serial number puts manufacture date at 1854. Bore and actions are excellent. Barrel retains around 90% of its original soft colored blue finish that is correct on these early manufactured revolvers. Frame retains around 95% of its correct original mousy case colors on left and around 75% on right. Hammer has around 70% case color. Cylinder has a crisp scene that is all intact. Trigger guard shows around 95% silver and back strap around 30%. Wood grips are excellent with some slight edge wear. Overall a beautiful example of a real early 6 inch barrel Colt. Overall 11 1/2″.