A.H. Waters M-1842 Musket


Very Scarce Musket Most Manufactured at Palmetto Armory South Carolina

Year Made: 1853
Maker: Waters & Co.
Model: 1842
Size: 69 Caliber
Grade: Very Fine
Manufactured: Milbury,Mass


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Musket remains in very fine, untouched as found condition. This is one of the nicest condition examples of this scarce musket we have seen. I have seen a few that looked better, but were compleatly cleaned and shined up. This one is just great in its unmessed with appearance.  It seems that most of these muskets ended up being manufactured/assembeled at the Palmetto Armory South Carolina. Much of these muskets were assembled by using left over or condemed parts as you will see minor flaws and variation with both metal and wood on all of these. Both barrel and lock are dated 1853. Bore and actions are fine. Stock is crisp and sharp with a few miinor defects at butt plate. Metal has scattered corrosion. Overall 57 1/2″. A great Artical was written, Asa Holman Waters and the 1842 Musket By John Ewing that sorts out more on these muskets then any other source.