Sussex Brigade New Jersey Marked H&P Musket

Original Hewes & Phillips Percussion Conversion Rifled and Sighted

Year Made: C.1861-62
Maker: M.T.Wickham
Model: H&P
Size: 69 Caliber
Grade: Fine
Manufactured: Philadelphia, PA


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Musket remains in fine condition. This alteration was done on a M-1816 M.T. Wickham Phila. musket and lock is marked so. Barrel is stamped N.J. on left and the S.N. is visable of the S.N.J. marking that is now covered by the correct addition of the rear sight. The rifled bore and actions are very fine. Stock is in fine shape with period handling marks and marked S.N.J. with other inspections. The underside of stock is marked Sussex Brigade next to trigger guard and also forward the butt plate.  Overall length 57 1/2″