Sharps Cartridge Conversion of M-1863 Rifle

Very Nice Original 50-70 Sharps 3 Band Rifle

Year Made: C.1867
Maker: Sharps Rifle Mfg Co
Size: 50-70
Grade: Very Fine +
Manufactured: US


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Sharps Cartridge Rifle remains in very fine + condition. Only around 1086 of these scarce rifles were altered to 50-70 C. 1867 by Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Co. All markings are present and sn C,34xxx. Bore and actions are excellent. Barrel retains nearly all of its original blue finish. Lock shows around 90% case color and frame has around 50% softened colors. Stocks are very fine with excellent inspectors cartouches and conversion cartouche. A super condition example in great shape.  Overall length 47″.