Remington Beals Army Revolver with History

Nice Original Very Early Civil War 44 Caliber Army Revolver

Year Made: C.1861-62
Maker: Remington
Model: Beals Army
Size: 44 Caliber
Grade: VG +
Manufactured: Ilion, NY


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Remington Beals Army Revolver remains in very good + condition. This is a very interesting early revolver that is not serial numbered, but punched dot marked. The underside of barrel and the frame under grips have 2 punch dot marks, never serialized. When I purchased this revolver the grip had a open crack that needed to be stabilized. So in order to do so we took the grips off to fix it and tucked inside was a piece of cloth. When I removed the cloth to see what it was I unfolded it and out came this mangled bullet. One can only imagine what it was doing their, but what makes the most sense to me is this was the bullet pulled from the solider after being shot. A reminder and keep sake of how lucky a man he was to have survived. The soldier also hand etched his initials H.R. on the butt between the grips. Revolver remains in very good + condition. All markings are present. Bore and actions are fine. Grip has a minor crack that has been stabilized. This is in much better then average condition for a Beals. Overall length 14 1/2″. A very neat early example with a real war time story.